Scope Mounting in Clear Spring, Maryland

For expert firearm services, including custom ordered ammo and scope mounting, turn your sights to Clear Spring Gun Shop in Clear Spring, Maryland.

Custom Orders

Stay fully stocked with custom ordered ammunition from our gun shop. We have what you are hunting for and if the shop doesn't have what you need, our professionals can order it and have it within five business days.
To complement these custom orders, our shop also features a line of black powder firearms and firearm accessories. When you come in, please feel free to ask our experts about any black powder and muzzle loading questions you may have. They will be happy to help!

Gunsmith Services

Ensure your pistol, rifle, or carbine remains reliable or restore your older firearm to top condition with our gun cleaning service. Our experts can handle anything from installing replacement parts to scope mounting and sighting. They can also help you customize your AR rifle. Contact us to learn more.

Custom Work

We offer aftermarket camo or color hydro dipping of your firearms, scopes, scope rings, handguns, or just about any other items that will fit in the tanks. This is the same process as the Big Arms Manufacturers use. The process is meant to protect your firearm from the elements and conceal your firearm from your prey. We also offer painting with Cerokote products. You can have your favorite gun painted any color under the rainbow or done up in a custom camo pattern. This process is done by hand so each gun is unique no two camo jobs are exactley alike. Aftermarket accessories can be installed on your favorite firearm, some small add ons while you wait others will need to be left to get the job done right. Call us for a quote on your custom work.
Certified Armorer for Remington, Beretta, Glock, Sig Sauer & Colt Firearms
Contact us in Clear Spring, Maryland, and let our custom ammo and scope mounting services keep you on target.